This is just my personal blog full o' random stuff. So mainly reblogs :P Like photos of nature/architecture, cute animals, flowers, music, writing, movies, video games, books, fandoms, etc. I may "fangirl" at times over things I'm excited for, so watch out for that.

I dream of getting published and becoming a full-fledged artist.

Colorful Rose


My Other Blogs

Leitmotif-Garden: I post and reblog instrumental and orchestral tracks that may be inspiring to the writer, artist, designer, daydreamer, etc. I try to organize them by mood and such.

Estoy-Leyendo: Book blog! (Still under cons tho)

Departure-to-Oblivion: Where I create KH graphics and gifs.

KH Cover Art: Where I analyze maybe too deeply the official artwork of the Kingdom Hearts Series 

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